6 File Share Terms You Might Not Have Known

File sharing is cool but since it’s such a new technology, it’s hard to keep up with all the lingo. This guide will keep you up to date.

Upload: When you put a file from your computer to the internet.

Bandwidth: A measure of the amount of files downloaded.

Doc: Short for document. Can mean any Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint document, or others.

Encryption: A way of protecting your data from other people.

Verification: A process to make sure that you are you.

Admin: Short for administration. Lets you add other people to your account, change passwords, and more.

3 File Share Providers We Like

There are lots of File Share providers that offer excellent value. Here are three that we really think make the grade:

2013-11-11 04_48_15-Dropbox


Dropbox has a clean interface and sophisticated technology. It is one of the most flexible solutions, offering support for PC, MAC, free, paid, premium, and files of all shapes and sizes.

2013-11-11 04_58_30-Uploading.com - the simplest and secure way to host your files!


Uploading has a clean design, and it looks like they’re working hard to keep evolving their site as quickly as possible.

2013-11-11 04_59_13-MEGA


These guys have an amazing interface and a secure connection. We’re really excited to see what they come up with!


Don’t Be Caught in this Common File Share Problem

File sharing is a quick and easy way to share files everywhere.

However, it’s easy to get caught up and forget limits on the file sharing we ordered.

Common walls you might run into:

  • Uploaded a file too large
  • Uploaded too many files
  • Used too much bandwidth
  • Uploaded too much all at once
  • Ran out of free trial time

The best way to avoid all of these is to invest a bit of money in a reputable service provider. For example, a number of premium dealers have numerous paid tiers where you can strategically avoid these problems.

It’s important to watch out for these because they will turn up at the worst time – right before Christmas, before sharing with a client, etc.

If you do run out of hosting in the nick of time, here are some alternatives:

  • Go with another provider. Thanks to the internet, it takes just minutes to be fully signed up with a premium service.
  • Email it. If it’s less than 10mbs, you might get away with emailing it.
  • Host it yourself. If you own any websites, odds are you have a generous amount of hosting you’re not using. Simply upload the file to your website using your control panel or an FTP client like Filezilla

6 Ways to Use a File Share

Using a file share is a great way to send information around the globe instantly. Here are some ways you can use a file share:

1. Send pictures and videos to family and friends.

Using a file share can let you send dozens of images and videos to all your friends right at once. This is ideal, since images you take yourself of yourself and your families are not encumbered by copyrights.

2. Share your own music or art

If you’re a musician or an artist, you can let people download your work on a file share.

3. Share documents with clients

Quickly and professionally share documents with clients using a file share. Be sure to take appropriate security measures.

4. Release a Press Release

A file share is a great place to put a file you’ll want a lot of people to download all at once, but where afterwards it might get little traffic.

5. Back up your files

Although this isn’t an inclusive solution, and you should always take extensive precautions with your data depending on its nature, a file share can be a good place to throw a file for later, especially if you might want to share it.

6. Organize your business

Premium file share services (like DropBox) offer extensive services that can let you automate your business by having all your employees sharing files seamlessly.

5 Surprising File Share Facts

File Shares are becoming more and more important as more of our data is handled through computers,

Here are 5 surprising File Share facts.

1. Some File Shares have Virtually No Limit

While you may need to pay in order to get this service, you can share literally huge files of 1gb or more on some File Shares.

2. There is Secured and Unsecured File Sharing

Secured means a website connects to your computer through the “https” protocol (the ‘s’ stands for secure.) If you’re downloading a sensitive file, especially if you’re using Wireless internet, you will want to make sure you use a provider that opts for this more expensive add-on.

3. There are File Shares Big and Small

With so many file sharing sites on the web, it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for your needs. You might want to share a picture or two, or maybe a large file, or perhaps a confidential excel file. Do your research and choose the right file sharing solution for you.

4. You can earn free hosting and even money by referring your friends

Many file sharing providers will offer rewards for referrals. Since so many people need to share files, this is a great way to get some free hosting or make some money. However, most file sharing companies are leaning to a free-hosting only model.

5. Some File Share site connect directly to your computer

Some sites, like DropBox, have software that you can install on your computer that creates a “virtual drive” where you can copy, cut, pase and delete files just like a normal drive. This is handy if you use file sharing extensively.